Tips When Doing Roof Repair

When you do DIY roof repair, make sure you follow all the tips below. 

  1. Safety First 

If it’s raining or snowing and you find a leak from your roof, don’t rush and face the situation head on. When roofing, you need to take care of yourself first because the roof can be slippery and impatience in fixing a roofing problem can get you in serious injury.  

  1. Precaution 

Getting on a roof especially an inclined one can get you flexible. Sometimes you need to get into positions that are uncomfortable and can challenge your safety that’s why you need to take precaution and wear gloves or shoes that have rubber soles to ditch the idea or incident of slipping.  

  1. Spray your Roof with Water 

Spraying your roof with water can help you determine where the leak is located without the effort of climbing the roof. If you see a leak on the area you sprayed on, then there’s your leak. 

  1. Clean your Gutters 

Gutters that are clogged can cause your roof to leak. Clean your gutters often to avoid buildup of water when it’s raining.  

  1. Avoid Dry Rot 

Dry rot is not related to leakage or water problem but ventilation problem. Observe proper ventilation to avoid the sagging of your roof when dry rot happens.  

  1. Prevent Ice Buildup 

Wintertime can bring leaks as well. When there is buildup of ice in your roofs, getting rid of it is a priority. When the ice gets into the corner of your roof it can drip into your walls and can cause leaks in your home.  

  1. Inspect Materials 

When you are roofing make sure that you are using high quality materials. Sometimes shingles can have cracks and when rain or winter snow interacts with your roof, leaks can occur. Be sure to always purchase products that are of quality and inspect them one by one to avoid further damage on a roof you have invested in.  

  1. Check Valleys 

Maybe you are wondering what is a valley? A valley is a point in your roof where two roofs intersect. Sometimes valleys are called ridges. This part of the roof is a place that is common for leaks because it is a point where water meets from the roofs that are intersected.  

  1. Eliminate Leaks 

Leaks often comes in numbers. If ever you found a leak in your roof, make sure to face it head on and cover the leaking part. It is also important to seal it, now that you have gotten rid of one leak, you can be more confident and prepared on the next one. 

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