The HVAC system in your home is one of the investments in your home that you need to look out for. The heating and cooling system in your home can cost you for maintenance if not taken care of, that’s why as a homeowner, you need to at least know how to do the basics like changing the air filter in your home.  

The heating and cooling system installed sometimes have different air filter location however some common places include the basement of your home or up in the attic. Sometimes air filters are also found and installed on your furnace at home, even if this comes as a tip to hid it out of sight for aesthetic purposes, professionals do not recommend this location because it can involve a lot of risks. Putting your air filters under your furnace can actually damage the system, so if ever you are planning to put on your air filter, call a professional for help so that the installation will be handled correctly and you can avoid further risks and even costs.  

So, what are the steps involved in changing the air filter in your home? 

The most basic steps involved in changing the filters in your home are very easy to follow. First, you need your system to be shut down through turning off your thermostat. Open the hinge of your grille and allow an opening. While it is open, carefully pull out the air filter that’s dirty and after putting it away grab your new filters and install it there. Close the grille and make sure you have attached the hinges properly. Then, turn on your thermostat to turn on your system and get rid of the old filter you have collected earlier.  

Changing the filter in your home not only keeps your investment on your heating and cooling system protected but your family as well. Through changing your filters often, you are also ensuring good air quality to circulate in your home thus protecting the members of your family that are more prone to allergies.  

The number of times an air filter is changed is important specially if your family has any allergy issues. People with allergies or asthma need to be more careful with the air they breathe because almost anything can trigger them. If you have loved ones who are suffering from such illnesses, make sure your air filter is changed or cleaned regularly. 

Another thing you can do to protect you HVAC system is through cleaning the air ducts in your home too. However, cleaning the air ducts require more delicate hands since it involves a more thorough process compared to replacing the air filters in your home. If ever you are in need of help regarding cleaning of your air ducts at home, then call a professional for help. Air duct cleaning Sterling Heights provide you with the help you need in this area. They can also do the air filter replacement or cleaning for you as well after the air duct cleaning to get rid of the hassle for you. Connect with them today and have your family members breathe a better quality of air.