Clean air duct systems not only provide better air quality in your homes, it also helps in making sure your heating and cooling system works best while helping you conserve energy. Now you may be asking when you should get your air duct system cleaned?  

Here are some of the reasons or cues when to get your air duct system’s cleaned.  

  1. Critters 

Rodents, birds or insects can infest your air duct system. Like dust, critters can be a blockage to the air duct system in your home or building. Rodents often leave behind garbage and other things like leftover food they take. Birds can leave nests and feces. Insects can leave behind traces of themselves as well. Critters can leave your air quality poor since your air duct system is the passage of air that circulates in your home. If you have observed activities from critters in your air duct system, it is best to call professionals to get your air duct system cleaned right away to avoid further air quality and circulation problems.  

  1. Dust or Debris 

Dust is a common problem when it comes to air duct systems. If ever you have noticed a collection of dust in your home it could be a sign of a need to clean the air duct system in your home however if this is the case, you should check the other filters in your home as well. Sometimes dust accumulation situations may not be due to the air duct system’s need for cleaning but a replacement of the filters installed in your home.  

  1. Mold 

Mold can sometimes be the cause why you notice an odd odor circulating in your home or building. Mold can be a severe problem to encounter. Mold involves the HVAC system components and can be a problem that goes beyond just cleaning your air duct system. In more serious mold problems, replacements might be needed. If this occurs, call a professional’s attention right away to eliminate the mold problem before it goes to other part of the system and cause more problems.  

So how do I determine if I need to clean the air duct system in my home or in the building an air duct system is installed? 

It can be difficult as a nonprofessional in the field to fully know when to clean the air duct system. Inspection is a need to ensure the need for cleanup, thus some indicators like discomfort, odor and even illnesses can be a sign to not for. People with allergies are very sensitive to air quality, thus if you have someone at home that you think is sick out of a sudden, then maybe you should have your air duct system checked and cleaned today! 

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